The Best Speakeasy Cocktail Bar in Kyoto: BEE’S KNEES


Hi, my name is Shingo Sakata (@jugglershingo)
I am a professional juggler and a instagramer specialized on Gin and Tonic.

I will introduce my favourite cocktail bar “BEE’S KNEES” in Kyoto.
(No.47 / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022)

Five minutes walk from Keihan Main Line “Gion-shijo”

Since April 2018.
You will find the yellow door “THE BOOK STORE”.

Sweet Honeybee said Welcome to BEE’S KNEES!

BEE’S KNEES is a Prohibition Era cocktail made with gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey.

This is Kyoto…but it is like you are in New York city.
They are waiting you with 1990’s Middle school Hip-Hop music.

The concept of the bar is speakeasy bar that has existed during prohibition era (1920 to 1933) in the United States.

Japanese-Inspired Cocktails

They prepare a lot of signature cocktails.
A lot of idea and inspiration put all together into a cocktail.
Such as Japanese spirits, national organic ingredients, fresh fruit juice.

This is Mr. Toru Ariyoshi(@toru_ariyoshi
He is a world-renowned mixologist and a flair bartender.

Signature Cocktails

WA Smash

Alcohol: ★★☆
This is the most instagrammable one!
(KINOBI gin made in The Kyoto Distillery, fresh lemon, basil, and MIRIN syrup)

Bee’s Knees

Alcohol: ★★☆
This is a classic cocktail in prohibition era.
(Gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey)

Not God Father

Alcohol: ★★★
This is a rye whiskey cocktail infused apple and cinnamon.
The small hat appears as the notorious Al Capone.

New York Cheese Cake

Alcohol: ★☆☆
This is a sweet frozen cocktail.
(Butterscotch, milk, raspberry, and strawberry)

Smoked Mojito No.1

Smoked cherry blossom wood gives an alluring sweetness to a cocktail.

Alcohol: ★☆☆
A perfect way to feel summer in Kyoto.
The key ingredient is a Japanese traditional sugar called “Wasanbon”.

My Favorite Cocktail is…

Rum Old Fashioned

Alcohol: ★★★
You can enjoy the cocktail with a piece of chocolate.
(Dictador 12 Years made in Colombia, Antica Formula, Clementi china liqueur, and Angostura bitters)

Best Speakeasy Bar…Maybe in the whole world

Enjoy your night with delicious drinks.
Have a great trip!

Opening hours:
18:00 – 1:00


Address 364 Kamiyacho Kiyacho Shijo Agaru, Nakagyo, Kyoto
Access Five minutes walk from Keihan Line “Gion-shijo” or Hankyu Line “Kawaramachi”
Holiday Monday
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Text & Photo by Shingo Sakata(@jugglershingo